Every event I say that it is a good day to be a Thief, but this one takes the cake. Saturday morning rolls around and we head down to the list field. Before the fighting begins, though, a few of us have the pleasure of watching Niall attempt to compliment Rachel's garb, grasp for the wrong word, and end up referring to her as "delicious." I, for one, think we found ourselves a lasting nickname.

After waiting for everyone else to roll out of bed, we make it down to the list where we've got a good number of folk and there is some melee to be had. They give us the new Pennsic scenario we've run a few times and we bust through all five of their flags in 45 seconds. Second round they've learned a bit and it takes us all of two minutes. We switch sides and it takes them onver nine minutes to bust through our defenses. The day is off to a good start. Second scenario comes around and WarDon Adam pulls a few of us out for a third team to get ready for the Champions fight next month.

Lunch happens and it's time for us to settle a score with WedCo. Cole, Anton, Quill, Gwynn and myself roll out, lose one person, regroup and destroy their line. We run it again and it works even better. Last round we switch in Kinji, as they add another warder who I had the pleasure of seeing destroyed by Kinji, and we win the day. Words cannot describe how fun this was, testing our mettle against a bunch of top-notch fighters and great friends where everyone is there just to have fun. So bartenders, pack one less bottle of tequila for Pennsic, WedCo's got it covered. There are also rumors floating around of us doing this again come war, with milkshakes being involved.

After we finish with hugs, we all headed on over to see what kind of game our novices decided to bring. After being authorized for roughly twelve hours, Rachel succeeded in making it to the semifinals. There, however, she met Bennett who, after authorizing that very morning, won the entire affair. Do I smell a budding rivalry in the air?

After the tournament we had ourselves a little field court where we gathered to see Anton called into court. He rose and to all our delight, begged the boon for our very own Warder Kai Tseng to be put on vigil to be a Master of Defense.

After much rejoicing, we mozied over for the Snark Pit tournament. By and far, Kai received the most tickets for his, err, peculiar sense of humor. Niall, though, pulled ahead to win the raffle for the snarkiest midrealm thug. Niall and Desco also ended up making it to the finals for a particularly enjoyable three-way fight.

After the planned activities I ended up making down to the pickup field where I apparently made quite the impression on Professor Pieter (feel free to look up his facebook post). Quill and I then got ourselves authorized in grappling under a panel consisting of Phil, Christian Fournier, and Desco. All I'm saying is that if I never have to throw a giant during a test again, I'll be more than relieved.

After showers were had we headed over to court where we mistakenly thought we might be able to kick back and relax. We got to see a few knights and an MoD made. What took the cake, though, was seeing our very own Anton called up yet again, this time to be put on vigil for the Order of the Pelican.

Sometimes I think back to when I joined this household full of not much else besides swords and rum without a single peer to its name. It's something special to have the opportunity to watch how far we've come, and how far we can still go.